360i Press Release: 360i Launches Startup Outlook

May 22, 2012

NEW YORK — May 22, 2012 — Digital agency 360i today announced the launch of Startup Outlook, a new program whose mission is to surface the best emerging technologies and startups for brands and to provide marketers with a filter for evaluating them.

Created through the agency’s educational center 360iU, Startup Outlook kicks off with the first in a series of monthly reports that will review five promising startups. In addition to monthly reports, the startups will be invited to participate in quarterly client events hosted at the agency’s New York City headquarters.

“Staying up to speed on the latest technologies and innovations is critical to remaining relevant and identifying more effective ways to connect with consumers. Yet the pace of change and sheer number of emerging startups makes it challenging for marketers to find the right opportunities for their brands,” stated Bryan Wiener, CEO of 360i. “Startup Outlook will cut through the clutter, identifying the best new opportunities for brands and providing marketers with a filter they can use to evaluate new platforms.”

Each company featured in Startup Outlook will be evaluated using 360i’s qualitative startup scorecard, which includes analysis of the company’s value, applicability, prominence and ingenuity. This scorecard also serves as a model that marketers can use to evaluate startups for their own brands.

Startup Outlook will be spearheaded by David Berkowitz, 360i’s VP of Emerging Media, who added, “You never know where the next Twitter could come from, especially as companies can now achieve breakout success seemingly overnight. Brands who partner with promising companies early on will have a competitive advantage.”

The first edition of Startup Outlook can be viewed at: