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Independent Research Firm Cites 360i in New Social Media Report

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Forrester’s new report discusses how marketers can put down the megaphone and engage in valuable dialogue with their brand’s audience (Image via ABC).
Forrester’s report cites brands that put down the megaphone and sparked dialogue with their audience (Image via ABC).

Forrester’s Sean Corcoran recently authored an article for interactive marketing professionals called “Using Social Applications in Ad Campaigns: How Marketers Can Move from Broadcast to Dialogue.” 360i and client H&R Block were cited in the report as an example for how marketers can use campaigns to build long-term channels.

Here’s an excerpt from Forrester:

“H&R Block, working with the agency 360i, … developed programs within MySpace, Facebook and Twitter to help support people during the tax season. While these programs were created for short-term use, H&R Block continues to use them as long-term platforms to provide tax support for their followers.”*

You can view 360i’s H&R Block case study here.

The report also includes a description of the National Geographic Channel’s successful Twitter campaign promoting Air Force One. 360i’s Emerging Media team played a key role in this project, launching the Twitter account and ultimately passing the baton back to National Geographic Channel.

“The Twitter account gained more than 2,000 followers in less than three weeks. A week before the show aired, National Geographic tweeted that it was transitioning the account from Air Force One to National Geographic. Result: 300 additional followers joined in the next week, an expanded group that National Geographic can tap into for further program promotion.”*

You can purchase the full report on Forrester’s Web site.

*“Using Social Applications in Ad Campaigns,” Forrester Research, Inc., April 29, 2009