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IAB Interview with 360i’s Sarah Hofstetter

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Marla Aaron of the IAB recently interviewed Sarah Hofstetter, SVP of Emerging Media & Brand Strategy at 360i. Below we’ve pulled out some key parts of the discussion, but you can view the entire Q&A above or on the IAB website (which has many more great videos).

[Marla Aaron/IAB]:What comprises successful, multiplatform, integrated programs?

[Sarah Hofstetter]: It starts with the way you approach marketing in general. If you’re thinking of everything as a set of tactics then you’re never going to get to that multiplatform integrated experience. The earlier you plan from an integrated perspective and think about digital – because digital really is that connective tissue – then the more successful those multiplatform programs will be.

[IAB]: You just released the Mobile Marketing Playbook and last year you released a Social Marketing Playbook. Why mobile now?

[SH]: We looked at the numbers; there’s more than 90 percent penetration of mobile phones among Americans over 13. The purpose of the playbook was to provide some marketing structure around how to plan for mobile in the context of overall communications planning.

[IAB]: A number of people I’ve talked to said they don’t like when people share on social networks what they had for breakfast, what they had for lunch – the banality of life. Where do you fall in that scale?

[SH]: I think the banality of social media is actually what makes it most interesting. Social media discussions and online chatter are really a reflection of what goes on in your daily activity. For marketers, the banality of it is a phenomenal reflection of the concept that the Internet is the world’s largest focus group. I do care what you had for breakfast because I’m responsible for marketing bacon, and I’m responsible for marketing cream cheese and I’m responsible for figuring out how often people have those conversations because that’s what’s going to give me the insight to figure out how to connect better with them.