Refer a friend. Get a Kindle. (360i is Hiring)

August 17, 2009

Send a social marketing superstar our way and well reward you with a brand new Kindle (image via Flickr).
Send a social marketing superstar our way and we’ll reward you with a brand new Kindle (image by jinglefly via Flickr).

360i’s Social & Emerging Media team is booming – we’ve partnered with a number of great new clients and our team has increased by more than 30 percent this year alone. To keep up with the demand, we’re looking to add even more talent to our group. And what better way to connect with social media junkies than through social media.

Know anyone who might be a good fit for our team? If you refer a talented social marketing strategist to 360i – and they get hired – we’ll send you a Kindle (and we’ll even send you the Kindle version of our Social Marketing Playbook to read on it).

How does it work?* All you need to do is send a friend this link and have them upload their resume or contact details. Be sure you tell them to use the drop-down menu and click “Kindle Promotion” as well as put your name and email address in the “referred by” section so we know how to reach you if they get hired.

Social Marketing isn’t the only team growing at 360i. We’re filling positions in other departments too – in fact we already hired more than 20 people across Media, Creative, Technology, you name it – and we have 10 other positions we’re actively looking to fill. So if you want to make other referrals, we’ll take those too… but only the Social Marketing Strategist referrals will be eligible for the Kindle. (Your reward for the others is good social karma.)

*All referrals must be for the Social Marketing Strategist role to be eligible for this promotion. In order to qualify, referred candidates must 1- come through the 360i website submission; 2- indicate “Kindle Promotion” in the “How have you heard about us?” section; 3- have your name and email address in the “referred by” section; 4- be hired before October 30, 2009; and 5- not have already been introduced to 360i by another source. We have the right to substitute the Kindle for something of similar value (our lawyers made us put this in). And, no you can’t refer yourself – well, yeah you can. But your reward for referring yourself is hopefully a fun, fulfilling job working with some of the smartest social marketers in the business.