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SXSW: Where The Blogger Things Are

March 14, 2009
austin, tx
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From David Berkowitz, Director of Emerging Media & Client Strategy, live from the heart of Texas

360i is out in Austin this week for South by Southwest Interactive (we did mention we’re everywhere). A few notes from the show as it gets underway:

The hottest spot: The TechSet / Windows Blogger Lounge. This is the see & be seen place for the bloggerati, the twitterati, and the vendorati. It’s where you’ll find everyone from the bald and balding blogging old-timers (read: over 30) to the 22-year-old blonde social media starlets. What you may not find is a seat, but once in awhile people actually do this conference stuff called going to sessions, and you’re able to sneak in at a table.

The five things you need to survive SXSWi:

  • A Twitter handle, as this is more important than a business card here
  • An iPhone, or at least some mobile device good enough to map the party scene
  • A digital camera, so you can document your increasingly bloodshot, disheveled look and take pictures with the various -ati mentioned above
  • An iron stomach. The Tex-Mex and barbecue take their toll (once in awhile, you may even find some hint of produce, but generally only if the fries come with ground parsley)
  • Stamina. See the party list at for just one of many reasons.

We’ll have more of a recap as the show progresses. For some other insights into the scene here, check out 360i on Twitter, my own Twitter feed, and my blog post on what I’ve packed for my portable survival kit.

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