Web Site Conversion Solutions – 360i Summit

September 17, 2009

360i's Brad Alperin Speaking at 360i's Digital Marketing Summit

360i’s Brad Alperin, VP of Conversion and Retention, is up at 360i’s Digital Marketing Summit to discuss Web Site Conversion Solutions.

How do we turn customers into repeat customers?

Focusing on conversion, a small increase can drive a big impact.

It’s about right person, right message, right time.

3 key windows of opportunity: landing pages, website, remarketing & email

Landing Pages:

  • Must capitalize on initial impulse, communicate quickly and effectively
  • Tools for maximizing communication: A/B multivariate tests, design & usability best practices


  • Need to look at both Declared Behavior and Undeclared Behavior – most of it’s undeclared, and can be interpeted to understand what consumers are interested in, how ready they are to buy
  • We can interpret people’s behavior like a good salesperson does in a store to figure out best time to engage people

Remarketing & Email

  • We can understand needs based on behavior – can email based on actions consumers have taken, or can use remarketing to get right message in front of right person at right time