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Brenda Zarate

Brenda Zarate is a Senior Community Manager at 360i where she is responsible for a team working on US and global brands. She is passionate about movies, travel and chai tea lattes. As a native of Peru, she enjoys anything "international" and reads voraciously. Her super power is dancing.


5 Best Practices When Creating Facebook Content for Hispanics

More and more, marketers are recognizing the growing buying power of Hispanics in the US. Instead of considering whether or not they should connect with Hispanics, they are now exploring how to best reach this important demographic. Hispanics over-index in both mobile usage and social network presence when compared to non-Hispanics, emphasizing the importance of […]

Facebook Announces a More Brand-Friendly Promotions Policy

Facebook has announced an important update to its promotions policy, which outlines how users and page owners may administer contests or sweepstakes via the Facebook platform. The revised guidelines came as welcome news to marketers, as it will now be much easier for brands to run promotions moving forward. Per the update, brands will no […]

Why Brands Should Pay Attention to Facebook’s Initiative

Here’s something that’s hard to believe for those of us living in a culture that’s inundated by digital media: two-thirds of the world’s population does not have access to the web. Earlier this week, Facebook Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a bold new initiative to bring the Internet to parts of the world that […]