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Catherine Fretter

Catherine Fretter is a Strategist at 360i in Chicago, working with retail and CPG brands. In her free time she enjoys spinning classes, volunteering and attending University of Michigan sporting events. You can follow Catherine on Twitter: @MsFretter.


How Pinterest’s ‘Visual Search’ Makes Brand Content More Discoverable

Words don’t always cut it for those 17% of daily Pinterest users who are trying to find that perfect something. Sometimes, users just need to see it, to know it’s what they are looking for. Recognizing this need state, the platform rolled out a revolutionary sight-driven tool called, “Visual Search.” Introduced on Monday to IOS, […]

3 Ways Millennial Spending Habits Can Inform Your Marketing Strategy

Millennials will command a cumulative $1.4 trillion in spending power by 2020 (Source: Direct Marketing News) — but how they’re spending their money may be a surprise to marketers. Millennials are often miscast by older generations as superficial and spend thrifty, but for a generation coming of age post the 2008 recession, they are focused […]