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Chloe Mathieu-Phillips

Chloe Mathieu Phillips is an Associate Director in 360i's Digital Communities where she is responsible for a team working on food and lifestyle brands. Passionate about food and travel, Chloe is a native Canadian who has lived in 5 countries, visited close to 30 and never misses an occasion to expand her view of the world. She has been working with online communities since 2004.


5 Best Practices for Brands on Pinterest

It’s been a big month for Pinterest. In the past couple weeks, the internet’s third largest social networking site celebrated its third birthday and announced its first foray into providing more robust analytics for marketers. Since launching in early 2010, Pinterest has ballooned in size to amass more than 30 million unique monthly visitors (per […]

5 Best Practices for Brands Using Vine

Just over a month ago, Twitter introduced a new service called Vine. And in a short amount of time, it has gained a ton of buzz among marketers. The app allows users to create short, looping videos from their mobile devices and share them instantly on Twitter. Vine has gained instant popularity, with videos coming […]

Should Marketers Follow Facebook’s 20 Percent Rule?

Facebook has begun to enforce a new policy for brands sharing visual content on its platform – a rule that has become known as the “20 Percent Rule.” The new rule is meant to limit the real estate occupied by text on images used in Sponsored Posts in the News Feed. Currently, the policy only […]

3 Simple Steps to a Better Social Content Strategy

There’s something thrilling about pushing that “Post” button and sending a piece of content out to the world, isn’t it? For marketers, it used to be a lot more thrilling, as publishing content was immediately followed by a waiting game of “how will this go over?” Today, brands can (and should) push “Post” with a […]

Introducing the 7 Habits of Highly Digital Brands

This is Part I of a week-long series that explores the seven core attributes of successful brands in the Digital Age. Chloe Mathieu-Phillips is a Community Supervisor at 360i. Digital has fundamentally changed the way brands behave, as well as the way they organize and optimize their marketing efforts. To be successful in connecting with people in […]