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Dan Pratt

Dan Pratt is an Associate Strategist at 360i, where he helps brands articulate which stories they’d like to tell. When he’s not in the office, you can find him shooting portraits and eating unreasonably large amounts of banh mi. Catch him on Twitter here.


Parody Twitter Accounts: What They Mean & What We Can Learn

Parody Twitter accounts, which pose as real brands and public figures only to blast out irreverent messages, seem to be part of a fairly new, fairly powerful trend. Suddenly, they’re becoming influential beacons of mis-branded absurdity — a scary opponent to those who care for the targeted brands. But parody itself dates back to Ancient […]

Amazon, Google Deliver Instant Gratification to Shoppers

Earlier this week, Amazon and Google announced updates that will continue to shape consumers’ path to purchase. The services — respectively called #AmazonCart and Google Shopping Express — are the latest in a series of developments bringing shoppers new dimensions of instant gratification. #AmazonCart, the more incremental of the updates, is a partnership between Amazon […]

Computer Vision for Consumer Services: What It Means for Marketers

The continued marriage of camera and computer has lent photos new levels of instancy and connectivity. But in the face of these shifts, our notion of personal cameras has stayed the same: a device that produces images as output. We reach for our cameras to, on a basic level, capture an end product mirroring what […]