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Danielle Moylan

Danielle Moylan is an Insights & Planning Associate Director at 360i, where she uses key insights gleaned from research to help direct strategies for our clients. Her favorite digital activities include patrolling fashion blogs to help her predict the next fashion trend, seeking new recipes to bake for her husband, and pinning the latest DIY projects on Pinterest.


Let’s be Real: How Should Marketers Think About Finstagram?

Finstagram or “Finsta” is a fake Instagram account commonly created by teens for posting sillier, less polished, and ironically more real content for their closest friends to see. Research suggests that forty percent of teens feel pressure to post content that makes them look good to others. Teens have flocked to create Finstas, where they […]

#Upcycling: Exploring a Trend Tailor-Made for Digital Culture

“Upcycling,” or the creation of new objects from old or used items, is the latest craze in sustainable living. Spurred by the continued growth of the blogosphere and new platforms that are ripe for inspirational visual content (think Instagram and Pinterest), upcycling is quickly becoming a cultural movement driven by digital content. Per the Oxford […]

[REPORT] How Brands Can Engage Millennials at the Supermarket

360i has released a new report that explores the digital habits of Generation Y while in the act of grocery shopping. “How Marketers Can Engage Millennials at the Supermarket” reveals that there is great potential for marketers to interact and develop relationships with this audience before, during and after this weekly routine. To capitalize on […]

Solving for M: Where Mobile Fits into the ‘Big Idea’ Formula

The consumer world is changing. Your thinking should, too. Consider the following: There are 7 billion people on Earth. Of this group, 5.1 billion own a cell phone; 4.2 billion own a toothbrush (Mobile Marketing Association). By 2014, mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet usage (Source: Microsoft). 91 percent of all smartphone users have their phone […]

New Facebook: Change is Hard, But Life Goes On

The New Facebook: Change is Hard, But Life Goes On Facebook recently made some big changes to the user interface that will alter how users share, curate and publish content online. Users have already experienced changes to their home page and will continue to see bigger changes rolled out in the coming weeks. 360i’s Report […]