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Elise Wyatt

Elise Wyatt is an Associate Analyst in the Insights & Planning group at 360i, where she is responsible for uncovering consumer, culture and brand insights through online listening and other intuitive methodologies. Aside from data life, Elise is a seasoned cook and decent baker, and is always on the hunt to find the best Tex-Mex in New York.


What We Learned Listening to 100 Moms on Twitter for a Year

For many marketers, moms present a unique and powerful audience. They are often the decision-makers when it comes to family purchases, and they also happen to be very active in social media, particularly on Twitter. Our insights team tapped into Mom’s penchant to better explore what makes Mom tick – so brands can better understand ...


Introducing the 100 Moms Project

Earlier this year, we set out to explore the behaviors, moods and attitudes of moms by listening to conversations occurring organically (and publicly) on Twitter. The idea of the 100 Moms Project is to use online listening to track and observe the conversations of 100 moms for an entire year. The moms selected for the study ...