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Jamie Dorfman

Jamie Dorfman is a media supervisor at 360i, where she is responsible Capital One credit card high impact takeovers. Outside of work, Jamie enjoys working out and discovering new restaurants and bars. When she’s not out exploring the city she loves, she’s on the couch watching the Real Housewives of wherever.


Media Dating: A How-to on Choosing the Right Media Partners

“It’s not you; it’s me.” These are the five words you prefer to limit saying or hearing when in the process of dating, or working with a media partner for that matter. Sometimes, the media planning business can feel a lot like dating. Each day, dozens of publishers are knocking on your door — vying […]

Native Advertising: But It Doesn’t Look Like an Ad

How many times have you seen the headline, “Display advertising is dead?” The truth is, display still works for brands – but not without overcoming some hurdles. Banner blindness remains a big challenge, and privacy concerns on the part of marketers are making it harder for brands to hyper-target an audience and take advantage of […]

Brands as ‘Friends’: How Advertisers Can Use Digital to Connect Paid, Earned & Owned

Prior to the Digital Age, the traditional advertising model was fairly cut and dry, with paid placements running across radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards and television. But when websites began to proliferate and, with them, advertising opportunities, us media people got our sticky fingers on it as quickly as possible. Standard banners were placed across websites […]