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Jason Powell

Jason Powell is Associate Director of Influencer Marketing at 360i. When he’s not coming up with clever ways to promote Coca-Cola’s latest teen program, you can find Jason relaxing at the dog park with his two rescue dogs or BBQing on his roof.

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Influencer Spotlight: Catching Up with Zach King

360i’s Influencer Marketing group has worked with thousands of influencers since the practice was formed more than eight years ago. From Pinfluencers to bloggers, and YouTube personalities to Vine stars, we’ve been helping our clients to partner with the most creative and talented online influencers in the game. As 360i’s influencer network (360iRMS) continues to ...

ConAgra’s Can of Worms & the Blogger Surprise That Shouldn’t Have Been

A simple PR misstep – made very public by the New York Times – has sparked a flurry of conversations around digital word of mouth and how brand marketers should approach their blogger outreach programs.