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Katie Perry

Katie Perry is Senior Marketing Manager at 360i. She’s a proud Notre Dame grad, an 8-time marathoner and one of the biggest Bruce Springsteen fans you’ll ever meet. Follow Katie on Twitter @katieeperry.


Pinterest Makes a Brand Play with New Business Toolkit

Following a wave of consumer enthusiasm for Pinterest – which reached its apex earlier this year – many brands have followed suit, using the highly visual social network as a key pillar to their content strategies. Up until now, brands were granted the same toolbox as consumers when it came to their own Pinterest presences. Yet […]

How Digital Led the Narrative amid Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was one of the most devastating natural disasters to hit the northeast on record. Along the entire corridor (and elsewhere), the storm impacted an unprecedented number of people. There’s no doubt that the flow of information last night was owned by digital outlets – even despite widespread power outages across the region. This tweet about […]

Meet Swaag, the Lifestyle App that Builds Community from Self-Expression

For many people, social media is a primary outlet for self-expression. We share photos with friends on Instagram, check in our favorite bars on Foursquare and “pin” products we love on Pinterest. Technology has forever altered the way we both define and communicate “lifestyle.” In vein with this trend, Swaag is a new startup launched […]

Oreo Daily Twist Finale Lets Public Behind the Curtain

The luster of the ad industry and all its glamour – at least as portrayed in pop culture – has bewitched people for years. There’s an air of mystery that surrounds how great campaigns are born – and, for the general public, the creative process can be a truly fascinating thing. Most people outside Ad […]

Facebook Gifts Launches to Bring Social Gifting to the Mainstream

This week, Facebook announced Facebook Gifts – a new feature that aims to turn social interactions into tangible transactions among friends. The idea is simple: people are already celebrating big moments via social media, so why not give them a chance to append real-life products and services to their greetings? Not so fast. Though people […]