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Will Browsers’ New Privacy Modes Burn Cookies?

A big focus of new web browsers coming out is increased privacy settings for consumers. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8, still in beta but widely available, offers an InPrivate Browsing option where the browser doesn’t store any cookies, temporary files, or user information. Google offers a similar Incognito setting in its new Chrome browser. There are […]

What I Learned on My Summer Spin Vacation

The longest vacation I’ve taken was my summer trip contributing to MediaPost’s Online Spin. Over the past three months, I explored the jungles of the elusive SearchMonkey, went shopping for precious Chrome, and tried to avoid coming down with a nasty case of Jewdar. If you haven’t checked out Spin, here’s a chance to catch […]

Google’s Heavy Mettle With Chrome And Picasa

Tuesday was a fun day for mixing business with pleasure. Google’s debut of the Chrome browser and Picasa Web’s facial recognition were not only good fodder for the trades and blogs, but everyone could use these products and I could talk about them with friends and family members. It’s like touring a winery and going […]

Heavy Mettle: Google Enters Browser Wars with Chrome

Since Firefox emerged as a viable competitor to Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari, there have been a number of new browser competitors, such as Flock and AT&T’s Pogo, but none that have been real game changers yet. Google changed that instantly just by showing up, launching the Chrome browser. Much of the differences are technical […]

One Small Asterisk, One Leap For Digital Media

Here’s one of those moments when you realize how quickly media is changing: when registering with a content-sharing community, an email address is optional, but a mobile phone number is required. That’s what I found when signing up for Zannel. Not long ago, such sites wouldn’t even ask for your mobile number, but now it’s […]