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Google Issues New AdWords Updates

This week, Google is rolling out new AdWords updates for advertisers. The changes are fourfold: Google is changing how it calculates quality scores. There will no longer be minimum bid requirements. Recommended first page bids replace minimum bids. Google will provide more transparency into quality scores. These are largely positive developments, though they may create […]

Dream Jobs for Social Media Junkies

Could it be commonplace someday to create a resume that shows how much time you spend using social media? Is that really a job skill? US News and World Report thinks “the Facebook future is now” and released “The Seven Best Jobs for Facebook Addicts” (though I only counted six ). The jobs include recruiters, […]

Pinning the Tail On The Googoliath Killer

What might a Google killer look like? Last week a lot of people were musing whether it would have search results in three columns with tabbed pages and irrelevant thumbnail images, with a black homepage background instead of a white one. That so-called killer,  in the form of Cuil, wound up not being a case […]

Next Week: 360i Speaking at Building Blocks

Next week, 360i will be speaking on two panels at Building Blocks, an event produced by Digital Hollywood in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Association (who put on CES each year). The event, which takes place in San Jose, covers the intersection of media, entertainment and technology. Full schedule is below – stop by and […]

Do We Need Another…

It often seems like there’s zero correlation between how much a technological innovation matters and how much press it receives. Take Cuil, for example. The search engine’s launch was such a spectacular flameout that it may well go down as a verb. “What happened to that Eddie Murphy movie that was supposed to win him […]