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Habit #5 of Highly Digital Brands — Being Relevant

This is Part V of a week-long series that explores the seven core attributes of successful brands in the Digital Age. Julian Long is a Digital Strategist at 360i. Relevancy requires an astute grasp of what’s going on outside your brand’s walls – and even outside of your communities. Brands able to incorporate cultural trends into their […]


Ten 2012 Highlights from Bagels and Beer with Berky

At carbohydrate-crazy 360i, a number of us gather every other week late afternoon Wednesday for Beer with Berky and first thing Friday for Bagels with Berky (both abbreviated as BwB). At these sessions, anyone who shows up takes part in discussions about new technologies, media, trends, and industry news, and I – the eponymous Berky […]


Twitter Bolsters Ad Product with a Nod to SEM

Last week, Twitter announced expanded search options for advertisers – and for marketers who are well-versed in standard search engine marketing practices, they will seem quite familiar. When utilizing Promoted Tweets in search, brands can now select from three different match type options: broad match, phrase match and basic keyword match. There’s also a new […]


Q&A with Humans of New York Creator Brandon Stanton

Simple self-publishing tools and the power of sharing have propelled a new crop of influencers from anonymity to Internet fame. In the BuzzFeed era, smart, socially-powered ideas spread fast. Pair a clever hook with a quick reflex and you’ve got yourself a meme. To explore this growing trend, we’re taking a closer look at the […]


Corporate Twitter Wars: When Brands Banter, Consumers Win

Watching celebrities and talking heads duke it out publicly via social media has become a sometimes ugly (but most of the time hilarious) spectator sport that is commonplace in today’s digital age. With “Twitter wars” breaking out left and right, it’s hard to ignore the growing trend – and lately, more and more brands are getting in on […]