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What Mattered for Marketers at CES 2012

CES 2012: A Comprehensive Guide for Marketers View more presentations from 360i The Consumer Electronics Show is a massive labyrinth. As soon as you enter Las Vegas for the event, and especially by the time you reach the Convention Center, you may feel like you’ll never escape. The good news is that once you get […]

Google Brings ‘Your World’ to Search, Infusing Results with Data from the Social Graph

Google has rolled out a new “Search, plus Your World” product that places Google+ content from a person’s social graph higher in its search engine results pages. This marks a major change in the way people experience search within the world’s most popular engine: everyone logged in with a Google account (such as Gmail), will […]

360i Report — YouTube’s Social Redesign

YouTube’s recent redesign represents some of the platform’s biggest changes to date, including a complete overhaul of the user interface in an effort to help people find more personally-relevant videos and to provide content creators with greater opportunities for customization and community development. The changes mark YouTube’s evolution from a broadcasting platform to a community-based […]

The Social-Music Year in Review

‘Tis the season for “best of” lists, especially in the music industry, with pundits pumping out their favorite albums and records of the year. We here at 360i’s Music Council – an in-house group created to explore the intersection of digital and music – have undertaken a similar endeavor. Through the lens of our favorite […]

Facebook Debuts Coupon Post Ads to Help Brands to Reach a New Generation of Shoppers

Facebook recently introduced Coupon Post Ads, a brand new ad unit designed to pique the interest of brands looking to integrate the platform into their drive-to-store media mix. Coupon Post ads live in the Premium ad placement on the Homepage or on a brand’s Facebook wall. This unit follows page posts and promo-driven premium/marketplace ad […]