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Marc Geffen

Marc Geffen is a Senior Analyst in the Insights & Planning group at 360i, where he is responsible for cultivating insights around consumer behavior and culture through social listening and other innovative research methodologies. In between all things data and digital, he is an avid writer and amateur mixologist who feels most at home on a hockey rink or tennis court.


How Agencies Can Hack Culture for Brand Insights

Picture this: you’re in a meeting in which your team is challenged to come up with ideas that tap into trends and pop culture. Everyone at the table nods in agreement. Culture! Yes. Important. Check. Two weeks later, only vague (if any) traces of cultural understanding can be found in the DNA of the work. ...

The Twitter Wish List: What Do Consumers Want this Holiday Season?

Before waking up at 3 a.m. on Black Friday, fighting the crowds, we considered a new strategy: why not listen first? Turns out, predicting what others want for the holidays may just take a little bit of research. Perhaps you’re not sure what to get for your co-worker, where to shop for your niece, or ...

Consumer Insights: A Look at Branded Online Conversations Beyond Text

360i recently conducted an analysis to identify the types of assets and content that consumers include in their branded conversations online. Retail/Fashion and CPG posts were examined, with the aim of understanding how people share online beyond words and how conversations differ from one vertical to the next. This tweet about an Oreo Blizzard from ...