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Margot Inzetta

Margot Inzetta is an Associate Director, Influencer Marketing at 360i in New York. Margot is a sports junkie and when she’s not playing them, she can be found in front of the TV rooting for all of the Cincinnati sports teams. Follow Margot on Twitter @mangopie.


How Social Media is Redefining ‘Celebrity’ Partnerships

With more than 4.6 million subscribers and 2.2 million Twitter followers, content creator Tyler Oakley’s YouTube videos often command larger audiences than many TV shows. And popular fashion and lifestyle blogger Emily Schulman was recently referred to as the Martha Stewart of our generation. Digital influencers like Oakley and Schulman represent a new breed of […]

Bloggers As Brands: 5 Tips for Partnering with Today’s Influencers

Navigating the relationship between brands and bloggers has grown in complexity as more and more bloggers are establishing their own personal brands with their own image to promote and protect. Long gone are the days when an influencer’s footprint was limited to a blog. Many of today’s influencers are creating massive followings through book deals, […]