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Marshall Fleming

Marshall Fleming is a Media Manager at 360i where he is responsible for the strategy and execution of lead generation campaigns, and is driving media department thought-leadership. He has also worked on paid search and social teams at 360i. When he’s not at the office you are likely to find him reading, playing drums or back in Philly watching college hoops and drinking Yuengling.


Google Settles the (Quality) Score with New Whitepaper

While Quality Score is a key component of Ad Rank that can impact position, price and even ad extensions, advertisers have generally had only a vague understanding of how it works. Google recently released a guide to Quality Score and how to best use it when optimizing an account, along with an updated video on […]

Gmail’s New Visual Promotions Tab Gives Brands Richer Creative Opps

Google has announced a trial update to Gmail which would provide users with a completely different look to their inboxes. Gmail users that opt-in and are selected for the trial will be given the ability to toggle the Promotions tab of their Gmail inbox between the standard view and a more visual “grid view” as […]