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Megan Conley

Megan Conley is a Social Publicist at 360i, where she works in the Influencer Marketing department. She’s obsessed with digital marketing, and equally in love with spin classes & the NY Giants.


Let Me Take a (Branded) #Selfie

The #selfie has become a wildly popular trend on Instagram and Facebook over the past year, and whether you love it or loathe it, one thing can’t be denied: selfies are everywhere. They’ve spread from our newsfeeds all the way to outer space, and there’s even a top 40 song called “#SELFIE.” Growing rapidly, we’ve ...


Rent the Runway & Etsy Represent Brand Pairings Done Right

Jay Z and Beyoncé. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter. It’s no secret that when two incredible beings join forces, the collaborative content produced – more often times than not – results in an incredible outcome. The same buzzworthy outcome that celebrity pairings create can also follow great brand pairings. For ...


Secrets from One of the World’s Top Vine Influencers, Meagan Cignoli

As marketers, it’s necessary to stay on the pulse of new social platforms in order to remain top of mind when reaching fans and potential consumers. In addition to establishing brand profiles within emerging platforms, social influencers can also lend brands authenticity and credibility within up-and-coming spaces. As new platforms emerge, so do new influencers ...


@Dens Talks Data, Discovery in ‘Future of Fsq’ Session

When I arrived at the Austin Convention Center to hear Dennis Crowley (founder of Foursquare) speak about the future of location, I instantly checked into to the event from my Foursquare account. I figured this was fitting for obvious reasons, but I wasn’t expecting to be greeted with a special notification wishing me a happy ...


HBO’s GIRLS Gets It with Promos as Genius as @LenaDunham

This isn’t a love letter to Lena Dunham, the creator of HBO’s hit series GIRLS. But, I could write one. And if I did, it’d open with me referencing the Alicia Keys song “This Girl is on Fire,” and end with my contact info begging for her to get in touch so we could hang out ...