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Mike Dobbs

Mike Dobbs is Group Director of SEO at 360i where he is responsible for planning, implementing and managing strategic search initiatives for 360i's clients. In his free time, Mike enjoys family, surfing, skiing, soccer and learning new web technologies. He holds a BS in Business Administration from The College of Charleston. For more on Mike, follow him at @mikedobbs.


Is Foursquare the Latest Dark Horse in the Local Search Race?

Foursquare announced today that it will soon be “reinventing local search for everyone” by putting to work its bevy of data to power the all-new Foursquare Explore. Previously a feature for registered users within the mobile app, Explore is now available for all searchers on This is an interesting move for the company, which […]

360i Report: What Retailers Need to Know About the New Google Shopping

Google recently announced that its Product Search feature will soon transition to a purely paid model, called Google Shopping. Previously, the shopping experience and product feed management service has been a free inclusion service, but by Oct. 1st this year merchants must pay to be listed in Google Shopping. We estimate that anywhere from 5 […]

Google Rolls Out New Snippet for Pages Heavy on Listed Items

Google is at it again, recently making an update that alters the description area of some natural results rankings pages. The change will only affect certain types of pages – and it’s a relatively small adjustment – but it should encourage webmasters to pay closer attention to their HTML coding structures, tagging semantic and strategy […]

Google Continues to Push Social Search Forward with +1 Button for Websites

Today, Google announced the launch of the +1 button for websites, a feature that enables site visitors to “+1” content directly from pages themselves (vs. within Google search results). The news comes on the heels of Twitter’s announcement of its own button for websites, and signifies larger trend of social platforms integrating more closely with […]

Google’s Social Mission Extends to Places

Google is making a concerted effort to socialize its roster of products, as evidenced by a new incentive program for all employees who innovate in this area — no matter what product team they claim (this according to a leaked memo from CEO Larry Page stating that Google will reward employees for he success of social products). The Google Places product team seems especially motivated in this mission. Over the last few weeks, several social elements have been integrated into Google Place.