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Mike Dobbs

Mike Dobbs is Group Director of SEO at 360i where he is responsible for planning, implementing and managing strategic search initiatives for 360i's clients. In his free time, Mike enjoys family, surfing, skiing, soccer and learning new web technologies. He holds a BS in Business Administration from The College of Charleston. For more on Mike, follow him at @mikedobbs.


Exploring Google Places Redux: User Interaction, Features and Limitations

In last week’s post about Google Places, we took a high-level look at the platform and what it offers to businesses looking to improve local visibility in Google. In today’s post, we’ll continue to explore Google Places in terms of user interaction, extra features, as well as some limitations it presents for marketers seeking to […]

Under the Hood of Google Places: A Look at Google’s Revamped Local Search Offering

2010 is shaping up to be the year of local search, with so much focus on mobile and social check-ins, geo-targeted tweets and a general shift of consumer behavior that makes them more inclined to post and search content with more geo-relevance. According to Google, web users spend one million hours browsing its Maps and […]

The SEO Implications of Social Check-in Sites

Business locations have unwittingly joined a world of local social gaming. The use of “check-in” technologies, and buzz around this new kind of social activity has blossomed thanks to the recent growth of sites like Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, MyTown and Brightkite. These are just some of the technologies out there that create social utility and […]

Will Google Slam the Door on ‘Doorway Tweets?’: What Real-Time Search Means for You

Image by moralehazard via Flickr. Hello, Real-time Search If Google’s newest blended results feature is any indication, the rapid pace of search innovations shows no signs of slowing. The feature, dubbed “Latest” by Google, incorporates real-time data sources into search results. Google’s algorithm may trigger this blend of universal search type for any given keyword, […]

10 Tips for Combining SEO & Paid Search

One way to effectively mix SEO and PPC: Stay ahead of the curve and utilize new innovations that enable you to weave micro-formats and RSS feeds into search listings. In an iMedia Connection article published today, Mike Dobbs — Group Director, SEO at 360i — outlines 10 tips for combining SEO & paid search in […]