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Orli LeWinter

Orli leads the social marketing practice at 360i. For over 7 years, she has spearheaded the agency’s social strategy for clients such as Bravo TV and Kraft Foods, working closely with 360i’s activation teams in Community Management, Creative, Influencer Marketing, SEO and Media. In her free time she enjoys running, cooking, eating, Pinteresting and most of all spending time with her two children.


Social Media Cheat Sheet 2.0: A Marketer’s Guide to Today’s Top Platforms

Last fall we posted our first Social Media Cheat Sheet, providing marketers an overview to the top eight platforms at that time. As is the constant in social media, a lot has changed in the last few months. Below is an updated one-pager mapping the top social networks against each other based on various criteria, […]

Facebook Tests Beacon Tech with Launch of New Place Tips Feature

Yesterday, Facebook announced the launch of Place Tips, a new feature that will surface location-specific content, including friends’ recommendations and information about nearby shops and landmarks, based on where users are. It is designed to enhance the Facebook experience by using GPS, wi-fi and Bluetooth beacons to deliver relevant and useful information and tips derived […]

Social Media Cheat Sheet: A Marketer’s Guide to 8 Top Platforms

Social media is a moving target. Blink and you might miss a major platform update, a huge jump in user base, or the launch of a new ad product. And it’s complex – each social platform has its own nuances in audience, functionality, use cases, paid advertising, content formats and more. For marketers who juggle […]