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Shivan Durbal

Shivan Durbal is a Media Director at 360i in New York, where he leads some of 360i’s largest performance display campaigns through thought leadership and client partnership. In his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, heading outdoor, and keeping abreast of industry developments.


Vendors or Partners? A New Approach to Agency Relationships

As the digital landscape has evolved and publishers and platforms have proliferated, we (agency folks) have picked up a bad habit – and that’s using the V-word: “vendors.” During my tenure in media, I’ve worked across search, performance display and social. In all of these arenas, the term “vendor” was used to describe the publishers, […]

Yahoo Announces Revamped Ad Business at CES

At CES this week, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced a major overhaul to Yahoo’s ad business that will present marketers with expanded opportunities to reach their audiences across the web. The updates will catapult Yahoo further into the ad tech space by evolving the automated buying capabilities afforded by its ad products and giving innovative […]