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Is Foursquare the Latest Dark Horse in the Local Search Race?

Foursquare announced today that it will soon be “reinventing local search for everyone” by putting to work its bevy of data to power the all-new Foursquare Explore. Previously a feature for registered users within the mobile app, Explore is now available for all searchers on This is an interesting move for the company, which ...


Apple Maps & Local Search — Here’s What Marketers Need to Know

Last week, Apple released its long awaited iOS6, with several new features, the most significant of which is the new Apple Maps. Apple Maps is a native app on iOS6 that replaces the familiar and reliable Google Maps, which has been a cornerstone of Apple’s iPhone and iPad products since its release. Apple Maps marks ...

Google Debuts Google+ Local with Strong Emphasis on Social

In an effort to increase use of its social network and place more emphasis on local search, Google has revamped Google Places by integrating it into Google+. The new offering, called Google+ Local, is actually the culmination of several recent Google shifts and acquisitions, and will solidify Google’s domination in the local search marketplace, while ...

Google Continues to Push Social Search Forward with +1 Button for Websites

Today, Google announced the launch of the +1 button for websites, a feature that enables site visitors to “+1″ content directly from pages themselves (vs. within Google search results). The news comes on the heels of Twitter’s announcement of its own button for websites, and signifies larger trend of social platforms integrating more closely with ...

Google’s Social Mission Extends to Places

Google is making a concerted effort to socialize its roster of products, as evidenced by a new incentive program for all employees who innovate in this area — no matter what product team they claim (this according to a leaked memo from CEO Larry Page stating that Google will reward employees for he success of social products). The Google Places product team seems especially motivated in this mission. Over the last few weeks, several social elements have been integrated into Google Place.