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AOL Ad Desk Launches, Giving Advertisers More Control & Transparency of Their Media Buys

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Yesterday, AOL announced the beta of the Ad Desk, their new self-service display ad platform that provides marketers and their agencies with direct access to AOL’s inventory. At 360i, we’ve been working with AOL on their beta for some time, providing feedback on the platform and helping to enhance its benefit to marketers and their agencies.

Ad Desk is one of the best buying experiences AOL has delivered to date, and fulfills some major needs for ad buyers today – control, transparency and flexibility. With Ad Desk, performance-driven campaigns can be managed and optimized on the fly. We can set up campaigns, add and edit targeting and bid prices with the speed and efficiency needed to effectively run high-performing campaigns for our clients.

The platform makes obvious sense for campaigns run on a direct-response basis . However, there are benefits of using Ad Desk for both direct response and brand-driven campaigns:

  • For direct response initiatives, you need to be quick and agile. When you buy media, there are often a lot of steps required to optimize a campaign – you have to analyze data, develop a plan, contact a representative at the ad network who then speaks to their operations and optimization team, wait, re-analyze, etc… Allowing marketers and their agencies to manage buys themselves across premium AOL inventory – and to bid on that inventory based upon its value – should allow AOL to garner better yield while minimizing overhead. It’s more efficient for everyone involved.
  • For brand campaigns, having the ability to see and choose content areas on brand safe inventory is critical. Through Ad Desk, marketers can choose the inventory and content that meets their objectives, and still add in the great targeting AOL is able to provide – geo, demo, audience, etc.

For all campaigns, marketers can login to the Ad Desk dashboard and see how their campaigns are performing on AOL in real time.

While Ad Desk is already fairly robust, it’s also still new. We expect to see more in the way of reporting, analytics and optimization in future releases of the product and look forward to working with AOL to advance this platform.

For more on the AOL Ad Desk announcement, check out Ad Age’s article on the news.

– Chris Hansen, VP of Performance Marketing, 360i