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Two Years after the Launch of Promoted Tweets — a Way to Target Users on Twitter

Twitter recently launched Targeted Tweets, an enhancement to the Promoted Tweets product on its existing advertising platform. Targeted Tweets allow advertisers to deliver Promoted Tweets to users based on their geographic location or device – mobile (iOS, Android Blackberry) or PC. Twitter rolled out Promoted Tweets for mobile earlier this year, but at the time […]

Hulu Puts Some Skin in the Game — and Plays Catch-up to TV

In a video landscape twist, Hulu has made a move whereby its buying model will now more closely resemble that of TV. The platform announced this week that it will now only charge advertisers for video ad views that reach 100 percent completion rate. This is all tied to where the beacon resides on the […]

360i Report on Paid & Earned Media: Building an Integrated Strategy

Today, we released a new POV on Paid and Earned Media: Building an Integrated Strategy. As content across the social media landscape proliferates, it is becoming increasingly important for brands to cut through the clutter. Although brands are eager to connect with and engage consumers, industry findings estimate that fewer than 10% of a brand’s […]

Facebook Underscores Earned + Paid Media Integration at fMC 2012 [REPORT]

At yesterday’s first annual fMC Conference, Facebook unveiled several platform updates that will soon impact all brands utilizing the world’s largest social network to connect with consumers. Beyond the tactical ramifications – which we outline in detail in our latest report – the core takeaway from fMC is that Facebook has entered a new terrain where […]

Brands as ‘Friends’: How Advertisers Can Use Digital to Connect Paid, Earned & Owned

Prior to the Digital Age, the traditional advertising model was fairly cut and dry, with paid placements running across radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards and television. But when websites began to proliferate and, with them, advertising opportunities, us media people got our sticky fingers on it as quickly as possible. Standard banners were placed across websites […]