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The Best Ad Strategy for Pokemon Go Might Not Be What You Think

Marie Goldstein, social marketing manager at 360i, recently penned a piece for Adweek about the sweeping success of Pokémon Go and outlined the most critical takeaways for marketers. While there is much to say for the app’s advancement in connecting online and offline experiences through augmented reality, Goldstein makes the point that its true success lies in its generic […]

4 Important Search Updates Shared at Google’s Performance Summit

At its 2016 Performance Summit this past week, Google announced several updates to ad formats and targeting capabilities to help position AdWords for the mobile-first world. Of all the new updates shared, four in particular present pivotal opportunities for advertisers, aimed at helping them compete in the evolving platform where mobile now represents more than […]

Clickable V. Shareable: Aiming Content Strategy Compass Toward Virality [SXSW]

Our SXSW ambassadors have returned from Austin creatively recharged and ready to share their experiences and learnings from the 2016 SXSW Interactive festival. The below post is a first-person account from one of our brand ambassadors, Maria Loida, Senior Social Publicist at 360i. In this post Maria recaps one of the SXSW panels she attended […]

Millennials’ ‘Live Now’ Mentality: Short-Term Thinking & Spending Habits

Millennials’ entrance into the workforce during a time of high financial insecurity resulted in a “Live Now” mentality centered around living in the moment and prioritizing quality of life over financial savings. In a recent MediaPost article, our Associate Strategist Celinne Da Costa outlines how marketers can tap into Millennials’ “Live Now” mentality, becoming trusted […]

How Marketers Can Drive App Discovery & Engagement with Google

As smartphone adoption rates continue to increase, consumers are spending 90% of their time on mobile devices within apps. Many companies are leveraging this behavior by creating apps that serve their brands. However, an app is only as successful as its usage. This blog post will summarize how marketers can leverage paid and natural search […]