Mobile Marketing

Portable and Social, Kyte Platform Powers Multimedia Promotion

April 20, 2009

Last week, Franz Ferdinand (the band, not the Austrian archduke) rocked a crowd of 2,500 during a show at Oakland’s Fox Theater – and then shared exclusive concert footage with even more fans through their branded Kyte channel. Welcome to rock n’ roll 2.0.

360i recently met with Kyte CEO Daniel Graf to discuss what the digital media platform has to offer for marketers. Kyte hosts several production and distribution tools – both online and through mobile channels – for a broad spectrum of media content. Like Franz Ferdinand, hundreds of artists – including Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz and 50 Cent – use Kyte to promote their music online and via mobile technology. Graf told 360i that one 50 Cent video (via had garnered almost 50,000 views in an hour. Another recent show by the popular rap artist boasted 200,000 views.

To see how this works, watch Ashley of the Pussycat Dolls on the Kyte player below as she talks about her recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

It’s not just about the music, either. TV and film brands are also flocking to Kyte’s unique service offerings. Kyte’s player interface fuels audience interaction by creating multiple opportunities to weigh in on site content. For instance, viewers can rate multimedia or chat with other users about what they are watching – wherever they are watching it. Through Kyte, assets can be shared on a publisher’s site, Facebook and other social networks. The result? A high level of participation that facilitates real-time conversation among users.

An Ad Manager handles sponsorships and house ads, and the platform integrates with all major ad servers and networks. This February, Kyte launched its branded iPhone app service, which allows marketers to create custom apps through the Kyte framework. Visit Kyte’s blog to learn more about how the multimedia platform works.

Kyte’s simple monetization model, opportunities for custom sponsorship and overall portability make the platform very useful for entertainment and consumer packaged goods brands looking to promote multimedia content across a broad range of Web sites and social networks. We also recognize the high value of Kyte’s prominent social components, which favor lively conversations about content over the mere one-sided broadcast of a brand’s assets.