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Foursquare 3.0 Launches with ‘Every Check-in Counts’ Mantra

As Foursquare’s 2nd anniversary approaches at this week’s SXSWi conference, we think it’s safe to say the startup has certainly made a name for itself. In that same amount of time, the iconic app has successfully accumulated a user base of 7.5 million (and growing).

New Loopt Feature Combines the Power of Location with the Allure of Flash Sales

Loopt, a popular location-based app with more than 5 million registered users will soon debut a new feature that allows advertisers to push “perishable” alerts such as Groupon-like deals to people using Loopt in the vicinity of their businesses.

Mobile Photo Sharing Heats Up as Platforms Broaden Capabilities, Entice Marketers

As mobile camera capabilities continue to improve, the competition within the photo app marketplace is beginning to increase. Key players like Instagram and Picplz are taking strides toward expanding their reach and luring marketers with new features that allow brands to enter conversations and measure engagement. Mobile photo sharing is just one aspect of mobile-social […]

Google Latitude Enters Mobile Check-in Game – And Gives Users the Ability to Check Out, Too

Google has revamped Latitude, introducing a new functionality that allows users the option to manually check in to Google Places locations. The Latitude platform was first introduced to help people stay in touch with family and friends by making it easy for them to share their location (via an automatic update). Though similar to how other […]

Growing Pains? Not at Foursquare (As They Give Us Another Infographic to Drool Over)

If there was any buzzword a brand wanted to adopt in 2010 it was location, location, location. The growth (or should we say explosion?!) of location-based marketing through LBS apps took the smartphone world by storm and is showing no signs of stopping as we move deeper into 2011. The poster child for this marketing […]