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Scan & Win a Print Version of Our Mobile Marketing Playbook

It’s been just over a month since we released our Mobile Marketing Playbook – and since then we’ve loved hearing your feedback on the content, as well as your thoughts on mobile marketing on the whole. Today, eMarketer echoed our firm belief that mobile will soon become a core component of digital marketing programs, declaring […]

Form Meets Function: Extreme Makeover QR Code Edition

Scan this code to read and download our Mobile Marketing Playbook. So much of digital and mobile media is about performance: How many clicks did it result in? How can we optimize site traffic? What’s the average time spent or completion rate? How many virtual gifts were shared? All important information, but too often some […]

Using Mobile to Fuel Buzz for Entertainment Brands: Q&A with BRAVO’s Valerie Brown

In our recently published Mobile Marketing Playbook, we spoke with Valerie Brown, Director of Consumer Marketing at BRAVO, to learn more about BRAVO’s mobile marketing objectives, the challenges of building versus integrating in the crowded mobile app space and more. An abridged version of our interview appears in the Playbook; however, we’ve published the full […]

Read 360i’s Mobile Marketing Playbook

360i’s Mobile Marketing Playbook » Download the Mobile Marketing Playbook. Are you ready for the decade of mobile? 360i’s Mobile Marketing Playbook will give you a head start preparing for it. For the past decade, every year has been the ‘Year of Mobile,’ and marketers could understandably experience mobile fatigue even before planning their first […]

360i Report: Mobile Shopping, Coupons and Barcodes

360i Point of View on Mobile Shopping, Coupons and Barcodes Overview Mobile commerce is in its infancy, with relatively few consumers making purchases directly from their mobile devices, and relatively few retailers and marketers offering an easy way for consumers to do so. Yet consumers are increasingly shopping via mobile handsets, as they research products […]