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360i Report: Mobile Marketing & the Challenges that Lie Ahead

360i Point of View on Mobile Marketing & the Challenges that Lie Ahead Overview If this Summer of Mobile series has been largely bullish on mobile marketing, that’s because the vast majority of marketers can be doing more to reach consumers who are increasingly turning to mobile as the first screen, not the third. We’ve […]

Summer of Mobile Rundown – 7 Free Reports from 360i

Image via Mobile Behavior Over the past few months we’ve embarked on quite a large endeavor — 7 mobile reports covering nearly every topic of this emerging landscape, from mobile-social and apps to SMS marketing and search. Below is a final rundown of the series. You can download the full PDF for any of these […]

Mobile Marketing & the Challenges that Lie Ahead, a Report from 360i

Today, we released our seventh and last report in our summer-long series on mobile. This final installment addresses the challenges that marketers might face while embarking on mobile efforts – and presents a better understanding of these challenges so you can plan for them and, in the best case scenarios, use them to your advantage. […]

Twitter Continues to Push SMS: Is Fast Follow a Game-Changer?

Image via Twitter Yesterday Twitter announced a new feature, dubbed Fast Follow, that will let people (only in the US for now) follow Twitter accounts without actually signing up for the service. Twitter is hoping to tap into soaring mobile consumption rates by allowing mobile users to opt into SMS updates for any Twitter account. […]

360i Report on Mobile Shopping, Coupons & Barcodes

Mobile commerce is in its infancy, with relatively few consumers making purchases directly from their mobile devices, and relatively few retailers and marketers offering an easy way for consumers to do so. While they may not be purchasing (yet), consumers are increasingly shopping via mobile handsets, such as researching products and services before completing transactions […]