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With SCVNGR, All the World’s a Game

Do you wish there was another mobile application where you could check in at a location? There’s no shortage of options. Yet another contender just launched very publicly with a different approach, turning the whole act of checking in into a game. Meet SCVNGR, which is as long on ambition as it is short on […]

Mobile Innovator Stickybits Ties Digital Content to the Real World

Stickybits provides a fun and social way to attach digital content to real world objects. Seth Goldstein, Chairman and founder of SocialMedia, and Billy Chasen, the original programmer of Chartbeat, launched Stickybits this past March at the annual SXSW festival. Their concept holds the rare honor of being completely awesome and simple, while at the […]

QR Codes: Impending Fad or Game-Changer?

Ralph Lauren is one of many brands that have integrated QR codes into their marketing programs. Will the trend continue to surge? The Japanese embraced them nearly fifteen years ago. They’ve been used by major film studios in America for numerous marketing campaigns. Ralph Lauren incorporated them nearly two years ago at their Rugby store […]

The 2010 Mobile Outlook from Digital Hollywood at CES

Image by sam_churchill via Flickr While at the Consumer Electronics Show, I moderated a panel at Digital Hollywood on “Mobile Commerce and Content: The Mobile Web, Texting, Search, and Advertising Options.” As you can see, the panel covered a lot of ground, and I can’t begin to capture it all. But I did take some […]

Nexus One a New Lifeline for Android, if not an iPhone Killer

Image via The Globe and Mail While Google didn’t manage to offer too many surprises when it released the Nexus One today, it did deliver another generally well reviewed phone running on the Android operating system. The biggest knock is that many, like Engadget, miss the multi-touch functionality and the physical keyboard. The long-term effects […]