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ChaCha: Mobile Search Service with a Human Touch

I took a trip to D.C. this past weekend and was looking for some ice cream in Dupont Circle. Instead of doing a mobile search on Google, I turned to ChaCha. Who’s ChaCha? No – it’s not my crazy aunt who lives in D.C. ChaCha is a human-powered mobile search service. Employing more than 55,000 […]

Portable and Social, Kyte Platform Powers Multimedia Promotion

Last week, Franz Ferdinand (the band, not the Austrian archduke) rocked a crowd of 2,500 during a show at Oakland’s Fox Theater – and then shared exclusive concert footage with even more fans through their branded Kyte channel. Welcome to rock n’ roll 2.0. 360i recently met with Kyte CEO Daniel Graf to discuss what […]

Ten Reasons to Run Google Ads on the iPhone

Image by Josh Bancroft via Flickr iPhone users love to search almost as much as they love their iFart apps. Earlier this year, Google noted the i Phone drives 50 times the search queries of other mobile handsets. One wonders, then, what took Google so long in offering iPhone targeting through AdWords. Now targeting is […]

Links from The Mobile Hangover presentation at 360i’s Digital Marketing Summit

Now that you lived through 24 hours of MEGAphone usage in just a few minutes, you can review these links from the presentation at your leisure. If you want more information on any of these technologies, just ask anyone at 360i, or drop me a note, and I’ll be happy to follow up. Sleeping / […]