Mobile Marketing

Zipcar Speeds Into iPhone Territory with New Mobile App

June 15, 2009

In the social and mobile space, utility is a magic word. Figuring out how to make your customers’ lives easier – and still remain on brand – is like the holy grail. Zipcar, it seems, may have done just that with their new iPhone application, planned for release later this summer.

The app, developed in conjunction with Apple, lets users choose and reserve a car, then uses GPS and Google Maps to locate it. According to Wired blog Autopia, the app will also sound the car’s alarm if you find yourself stranded in a parking lot full of lookalikes. If, as Wired reports, fully one quarter of Zipcar’s customers are iPhone owners, this application is certainly a tool that will add value to their zipping experience.

In social marketing, it’s easy to get caught up with the “hot new thing” – and although the iPhone is certainly hot, Zipcar has obviously done its research. Though they’re not a 360i client, it looks like they’re sticking to our “social marketing strategic lens.”

Does it meet their objectives?
We’re not entirely sure what Zipcar’s objectives were here, but if it was to “create a solid user experience for our customers so they come back again and again,” they definitely hit the nail on the head.

Does it provide value?
Hell yes!

Does it follow the rules of the road?
The application definitely makes use of some of the iPhone’s best features, namely GPS and Google Maps. Beyond that, without actually using the app, it’s hard to say if it adheres to iPhone best practices, but we’ll soon be able to test that out.

Does it leverage the Zipcar arsenal?
The best thing that Zipcar has to offer is the fact that you can pick up their cars in convenient locations. This app certainly leverages that value prop and gives it even more exposure.

All in, the new Zipcar iPhone application sounds like a home run. We’re looking forward to giving it a whirl when it becomes available.