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Twitter’s Extreme Makeover — Can it Win Back Users from Third-Party Services?

Yesterday, Twitter introduced their new look to the world and has begun rolling it out to all users on their platform. has truly been made-over, with a brand new interface featuring a sleeker design, more prominent media content, related tweets and mini profiles. Here’s a summary of the changes that were highlighted by Twitter […]

Read 360i’s Mobile Marketing Playbook

360i’s Mobile Marketing Playbook » Download the Mobile Marketing Playbook. Are you ready for the decade of mobile? 360i’s Mobile Marketing Playbook will give you a head start preparing for it. For the past decade, every year has been the ‘Year of Mobile,’ and marketers could understandably experience mobile fatigue even before planning their first […]

Google Instant Brings Results with Each Keystroke — But For Now, Won’t Affect SEO or PPC

Today at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, Google announced a significant user experience update called Google Instant Search which transforms traditional search engine result pages (SERP) from a static list of results to an AJAX powered result set that updates with every keystroke. Similar to the recent integration of social media sites […]

Digital News Roundup: End of Summer Edition

Summer has came and went but not without some big news items coming out of the digital space. Check out our rundown of the top 20 headlines of the summer (listed chronologically) in the post below. And, as always, stay tuned for more news and insights from the 360i team right here on the blog. […]

Apple Socializes Music Consumption with Ping

Today, Apple announced a new iTunes add-on, called Ping, which aims to make the process of listening to and purchasing music through iTunes a more social experience. Apple CEO Steve Jobs described Ping as “a social network all about music.” It’s like “Facebook and Twitter meets iTunes,” he said. This notion of a music-centric social […]