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How We See It: Community Service & Great Work Go Hand-in-Hand at 360i

We work in an industry that moves at an amazing clip. As a digital agency, we’re hyper-focused on bringing a fresh approach to our clients’ business challenges by consistently staying ahead of the latest trends – something that doesn’t come without time, effort and a persistent concentration on “what’s next.” And in the day-to-day hustle […]

Microsoft Updates Policy to Allow Use of Trademarked Keywords

Recently, Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo! Search – also known as the Search Alliance – announced a change to their trademark policy for the U.S. and Canada that is scheduled to go into effect on March 3. The update means that third-party advertisers will soon be able to use trademarked terms as keywords, as they’ve been […]

Gaming Insider: Are Social Games Evil?

Not everyone is the biggest fan of Farmville, Frontierville, Cityville and the like — at the very least, if you don’t play them, you’ve almost certainly hidden them from your newsfeed to avoid the constant requests. But one indie developer, Jonathan Blow, creator of the innovative platform/puzzle game “Braid”, takes this idea a little bit […]

The Socialization of Google Continues as Twitter, Quora & Flickr (But Not Facebook) Sync Up

Google has announced significant updates to its Social Search offering that continue to socialize and diversify the content within its results pages. These changes, which build on Google’s previous version of Social Search, increase the visibility of social results and add a personalized layer atop the engine’s much-guarded algorithm. As Google puts it, “Relevance isn’t […]

360i SVP Sarah Hofstetter Named to CableFAX’s Digital Hot List

We are very proud to announce that Sarah Hofstetter, SVP of Emerging Media & Brand Strategy, has been named to CableFAX’s Digital Hot List for 2011. The list highlights the “best and brightest” in the world of cable, online video and technology as they devise strategies to serve consumers with cutting-edge digital products and services. […]