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Google Launches Disavow Tool to Battle Link Loopholes

We have reached an apex in Google’s battle against link spam. This week, Google launched the much anticipated disavow tool, allowing webmasters to take action against “unnatural” incoming links. The announcement should interest marketers who have engaged in link development or have attracted undesirable links over the past decade. Matt Cutts, Head of Google Webspam, provides […]


New Facebook Page Feature Bridges Global with Local

Facebook’s global growth has impacted the way that marketers use the social platform to reach a larger audience. As a result, Facebook is now making it easier for brands with an international presence to build a following and engage its fans with the launch of Facebook Global Pages. It is a step forward for Facebook […]


4 Keys to Breakthrough Visual Content in Social

Social media content used to be all about copy. Not anymore. More and more social media marketers are now aware of the fact that a text-only content calendar is not enough. What many of them have yet to understand however is how “visual” is not enough. Affixing a stock image or a screen grab from […]


5 Lessons from the Second Second-Screen Debate

Tuesday’s presidential debate – the second in a series of three – was the third most social TV event in history with an estimated 12.24M social media comments, ahead of last year’s Super Bowl and narrowly behind the 2012 Grammy Awards (13.0M) and the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards (12.8M). Contrary to claims that Americans […]


Native Advertising: But It Doesn’t Look Like an Ad

How many times have you seen the headline, “Display advertising is dead?” The truth is, display still works for brands – but not without overcoming some hurdles. Banner blindness remains a big challenge, and privacy concerns on the part of marketers are making it harder for brands to hyper-target an audience and take advantage of […]