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360i at the AAAA Media Conference and on the Social Media Buyers Guide Podcast

This week, 360i experts will hit the road — and the airwaves — to share industry insights with marketers, advertisers and other media professionals. 360i CEO Bryan Wiener will speak at the 2009 AAAA Media Conference & Trade Show in New Orleans on Wednesday, March 4. Bryan will participate in a panel discussion, entitled, “New […]

360i Report: Social Marketing Strategies for Travel

360i Point of View on Social Marketing Strategies for Travel Overview Travelers planning trips this year are increasingly basing their decisions on price points and deals over brand preferences. Consumers are also relying less on official sources for travel information and more on peer-driven advice. The current climate presents the perfect opportunity for travel brands […]

What Yahoo!’s New Display Targeting Options Mean for Marketers

Will Yahoo!’s new targeting features hit the sweet spot for digital marketers? (By clevercupcakes via Flickr) Marketers are increasingly tying their search and display together and, by looking closely at attribution reports, gaining better clarity into how search and display work together to drive sales. This week, Yahoo! announced that they will offer “search retargeting” […]

360i Report: Click Fraud

360i Point of View on Click Fraud Overview Is click fraud really at an all-time high? Learn why Google remains skeptical and how 360i deals with invalid clicks. The Click Fraud Debate A recent press release from Click Forensics states that click fraud is at an all-time high. According to their Click Fraud Index, the […]

360i Report: Canonical Tags & Duplicate URLs

360i Point of View on Canonical Tags & Duplicate URLs Overview How do publishers address the problem of duplicate URLs? This POV addresses how the canonical tag is used and how it can drastically alter marketers’ ranking results on the engines. About the Canonical Tag This month, Google, Yahoo and MSN announced their support for […]