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Making Sense of ‘Connect’-ing

Image by MrTopf via Flickr One of the biggest changes with digital media that’s emerging is the prevalence of third-party registration options now available for publishers. Today, there’s a post from 360i on Ad Age’s blog about this. While you should go there to read the whole thing, here’s the gist: Google, Facebook and MySpace […]

So Over Google

Image via CrunchBase At MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit last week in Park City, Utah, some attendees were frustrated over the economy, and most people were frustrated by the lack of snow. Yet the biggest source of frustration seemed to be Google. It came up during a panel early on Friday specifically about Google. It also […]

360i Report: YouTube Video Search Marketing

360i Point of View on YouTube Video Search Marketing Overview YouTube, the second largest search engine, now allows marketers to run search-targeted ads for videos on the site, which can complement other search and video marketing programs. Additionally, YouTube Insights provides intelligence that can be used to inform broader marketing programs. How Sponsored Video Works […]

Discovering Hot Spots From YouTube Insights

Image by qthrul via Flickr The most valuable benefit of marketing videos on YouTube may not be the views but what you learn about the viewers. Last week, we talked about YouTube’s Sponsored Video ad platform and how it’s a complement to, but not replacement for, traditional search engine marketing. If you do find value […]

Facebook Page SEO Could Inspire a Land Grab

Image via CrunchBase Today, 360i was quoted in MediaPost about the potential search engine optimization (SEO) value of Facebook including links to Pages in public profiles. Theoretically that adds a ton of links to Pages. But it’s not so clear-cut. If you’ve ever done some vanity searching in Google (come on, admit it) and you […]