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Adele Dazeem & the Data Behind Your Favorite Oscars Meme

The Super Bowl blackout. Pharrell’s hat. “Adele Dazeem.” The Internet (namely social media) has a way of amplifying culture moments and turning them into instant sensations. John Travolta’s mystifying pronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars is one such moment. Just seconds after the words “Adele Dazeem” left his mouth, the Internet got to […]


What’s Buzzing: Viral Quizzes, Brands on Snapchat & More

Earlier this week, Facebook announced an algorithm update that grants brands added reach through the tagging feature. When a Page tags another Page, the post may now surface in the News Feed of followers of both pages (read more here). In other news, McDonald’s is gearing up for a Snapchat account launch, viral internet quizzes […]


Facebook Tagging Update Allows Brands to Extend Reach

This week, Facebook announced yet another update that will influence how marketers’ content is surfaced in the News Feed. Now, brands are able to extend the reach of their posts by “tagging” other Pages. When a Page tags another Page (they mention and link to the Page in their own post), the post may appear in […]


How to Use Social Data to Make Your Work Better

By Chelsea Fuller and Caroline Tseng, Strategists at 360i In this competitive marketplace, brands are in an ongoing race to be the consumer’s best, fastest and longest-lasting friend. But how does one build relationships in this rapid-fire, digital-infused world? The same way our great-great-great grandparents did: through listening and trust. Social media marketing and social […]


Agencies Explore the State of Social Analytics at #SMWNYC

As data becomes more readily available to agencies, the way that brands connect with consumers will continue to evolve. During “Social Analytics for Agencies: Getting Smarter, Deeper and Richer in 2014,” a Social Media Week panel hosted by Brandwatch, experts from a range of agencies provided a snapshot on the state of the industry as […]