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USA Network’s PSYCH Slumber Party Smashes Social TV Records

PSYCH, one of USA Network’s most popular and longest-running shows, recently kicked off its seventh season in style with an all-night social media-powered marathon. To promote the premiere of season seven, USA Network hosted a Slumber Party marathon, and partnered with 360i to turn previously aired episodes into a real-time social event by rallying the […]


The #ChangeAgents: How Has Social Changed Your Business? [VIDEO]

This is Part III of a week-long video series about how senior marketers are approaching the shifting consumer landscape. Social media has revolutionized the way in which brands interact with consumers and the speed at which they must process and respond to engagement. Moreover, by empowering consumers to become “co-creators” with brands, marketers today have […]


The #ChangeAgents: What is the Biggest Disruptor of the Past Decade? [VIDEO]

This is Part II of a week-long video series about how senior marketers are approaching the shifting consumer landscape. The biggest disruptors in the past decade have had world-altering influences on not only marketing, but on business on the whole. Digital has revolutionized consumer behavior, shifting more power to consumers when it comes to choice […]


The #ChangeAgents: What is the Role of a Brand Today? [VIDEO]

On this blog and throughout our entire agency, we’re passionately curious about how the shifting consumer landscape is affecting the ways in which brands approach marketing. This week, we’re bringing senior leadership from major brands to the forefront of the conversation. We’re doing so through a series called ‘The Change Agents,’ which features exclusive interviews […]


Pinterest Launches Analytics for Verified Accounts

Pinterest has announced its first foray into providing free web analytics for marketers. The tool — which is available to users with verified websites — is designed to help website owners “understand which pieces of content people find most interesting.” The analytics provided will help illustrate to eligible users what and how people are sharing […]