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H&R Block Social Sweeps Makes Refund Dreams Come True

Have a dream and a Facebook account? You could claim up to $20,000 from H&R Block this tax season. In January, 360i client H&R Block launched its first ever Dreamfund Sweepstakes to raise awareness of its At Home® tax preparation software. H&R Block is a known name in the tax game – especially when it comes […]


Oxygen Marks Reality TV First with ‘The Face’ Google+ Hangout

To promote the premiere of Oxygen’s newest supermodel competition series, “The Face,” the network is hosting a Google+ Hangout with the series’ stars – who just so happen to be some of the most famous “faces” around. The Feb. 6 event marks the first live Google+ Hangout broadcast during a reality show. “The Face” features aspiring […]


How Oreo Won the Social Media Bowl with a Single Piece of Content

Amid the tens of thousands of re-tweets and mentions of our client Oreo last night, there was this gem: “The lights went out and a new era in advertising was born.” Last night wasn’t the first time a brand had employed a real-time approach, but perhaps for the first time people could truly grasp its […]


Don’t Fake it, Make It: Authenticity as a Core Value for Brands

Among my more athletic friends, few people are more reviled than the hordes of New Year’s resolvers that lined up at the nation’s gyms over the past few weeks. The disdain heaped upon these people was intense, and it came for one simple reason: however well intentioned, their commitment to fitness was inauthentic, and they […]


Report: YouTube to Introduce Paid Subscriptions

YouTube, the most popular video-sharing destination on the web, rose to prominence thanks to its vast library of free video content. According to Ad Age, the platform is planning to shake things up this spring by introducing paid subscriptions for some of its channels. For marketers this comes as no surprise, as YouTube has been […]