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Twitter’s Profile Makeover Takes Branding Opps to New Heights

Yesterday, The Today Show sent out a cryptic tweet teasing a big announcement to come from Twitter. This morning, CEO Dick Costolo unveiled a new look to profile pages and a brand new version of the app for iPad, iPhone and Android – not the huge update many expected, but significant nonetheless. Given all the ...


Oscar Mayer’s #BaconBarter Campaign Sizzles

Last week, our client Oscar Mayer sent comedian Josh Sankey off on an unprecedented, socially powered adventure dubbed The Great American Bacon Barter. Carrying no cash, no credit cards – just 3,000 pounds of Butcher Thick Cut bacon – Josh’s goal is to prove that his bacon is as good a currency as any by ...


17 Highlights from 360i’s 2012 Marketing Summit

360i just wrapped up its 2012 Marketing Summit, with the theme Navigating Disruption: Transformative Marketing in the Digital Age. Books could be written from the steady stream of insights and wisdom shared throughout the day. View Full Slideshow » Here are 17 of the highlights from the speakers who presented: 1. Navigating disruption requires three ...


Marketers, Meet Today’s Mobile Consumers

It should come as no surprise that today’s consumers are mobile-obsessed. Beyond this, mobile devices have become more than fun gadgets – they have become a critical and engrained part of their everyday lives. Adobe’s recently published Mobile Consumer Survey is evidence of this trend, citing that in 2011 alone smartphone adoption alone reached 38 ...

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With Interest Targeting, Twitter Takes its Ad Product to the Next Level

As social platforms continue to establish themselves in the competition for ad dollars, Twitter is the latest in announcing changes to increase its options for advertisers. Twitter recently added interest targeting to its paid advertising offering, giving marketers the ability to target users who share interests with their brand’s current followers. Marketers can target more ...