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5 Start-ups to Watch from Atlanta’s Bustling Tech Scene

The seventh edition of our Startup Outlook report showcases a series of startups based in Atlanta. Back in 1998, 360i was born as a startup in Atlanta, so this month we are proud to feature five startups a peach’s throw from our southern doorstep. Some of the companies here, while fairly new, are already working with […]


The CMO’s Guide to Big Data

Today, we’re releasing a brand new report, called The CMO’s Guide to Big Data, which outlines how the increasing availability of sophisticated reporting and analytics can help marketers make their programs more efficient and capitalize on untapped opportunities. As technology spurs data collection and analytics forward, the effective management Big Data is becoming a necessary […]


Q&A with Humans of New York Creator Brandon Stanton

Simple self-publishing tools and the power of sharing have propelled a new crop of influencers from anonymity to Internet fame. In the BuzzFeed era, smart, socially-powered ideas spread fast. Pair a clever hook with a quick reflex and you’ve got yourself a meme. To explore this growing trend, we’re taking a closer look at the […]


Corporate Twitter Wars: When Brands Banter, Consumers Win

Watching celebrities and talking heads duke it out publicly via social media has become a sometimes ugly (but most of the time hilarious) spectator sport that is commonplace in today’s digital age. With “Twitter wars” breaking out left and right, it’s hard to ignore the growing trend – and lately, more and more brands are getting in on […]


How to Evolve Copywriting for Social Media

Community managers represent a new breed of method actors for the Digital Age. They must learn and absorb a set of brand traits and express them in a way that is real and relevant to that brand’s consumer base. It’s here that social copywriting begins and traditional copywriting ends. Today’s most successful community managers are […]