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Habit #2 of Highly Digital Brands – Being Authentic

This is Part II of a week-long series that explores the seven core attributes of successful brands in the Digital Age. Shankar Gupta is a Director of Social Marketing Strategy at 360i. In the digital world, brands are not only competing with other brands to cut through the clutter and reach an audience – they […]


Introducing the 7 Habits of Highly Digital Brands

This is Part I of a week-long series that explores the seven core attributes of successful brands in the Digital Age. Chloe Mathieu-Phillips is a Community Supervisor at 360i. Digital has fundamentally changed the way brands behave, as well as the way they organize and optimize their marketing efforts. To be successful in connecting with people in […]


Ten 2012 Highlights from Bagels and Beer with Berky

At carbohydrate-crazy 360i, a number of us gather every other week late afternoon Wednesday for Beer with Berky and first thing Friday for Bagels with Berky (both abbreviated as BwB). At these sessions, anyone who shows up takes part in discussions about new technologies, media, trends, and industry news, and I – the eponymous Berky […]


12 Great Facebook Posts from Brands in 2012

From NFL replacement ref debacle to President Obama’s re-election to Carly Rae Jepsen not picking up the telephone, 2012 has been a big year — and the Facebook News Feed captured it all. We took a scroll through the Facebook Timeline to reminisce on some of our favorite posts shared by brands over the last […]


$40,000 Raised for Sandy Relief (And We’re Not Done Yet)

We haven’t seen much by the way of snow this year, but last week – thanks to the help of all of you – our staffers faced blizzard conditions. Since launch, our #TwinterWonderland holiday card has raised more than $40,000 for Sandy relief – but we’re not stopping there. Until the New Year, we’ll continue […]