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[INFOGRAPHIC] The State of Social Commerce

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Facebook to Blur ‘Paid’ & ‘Earned’ by Streaming Sponsored Stories in News Ticker

This week, Facebook announced that its Sponsored Stories ad product will begin appearing in the news ticker on the homepage. Sponsored Stories debuted in January, allowing brands to leverage organic user activities (e.g. page Likes, page posts, apps used) as advertising within Facebook.  Sponsored Stories run in both premium ad placements and in Facebook’s self-service ...

The New Era of Online Listening — a 360i Report on the Evolving World of Consumer Insights

Today, we published a report on The New Era of Online Listening. Over the past few years, the practice of online listening (also called buzz monitoring or social media monitoring) has gone from an obscure research concept to a rapidly growing and bona fide research methodology, adopted by many brands across industry verticals. But with ...

Google Signed-In Users Get Encrypted Search (HTTPS) as Digital Marketers Feel the Impact

Google recently switched on encrypted search by default for any user logged in to a Google Account (Gmail, Picasa, Google+ Google Analytics, etc.). Google’s objective in doing so is to better safeguard the privacy of its users as they perform searches on Google. With encrypted search activated, search queries and search traffic is encrypted (using the industry ...

Your Digital Marketing Forecast — a Q&A with 360i’s Gavin Blawie

In a recent interview with CSP Magazine, 360i’s Gavin Blawie, VP of Client Strategy, discusses the digital media landscape, emerging trends in consumer behavior and what these mean for brands  both on and offline. Read his full Q&A below. 1. What component of digital media and marketing is biggest on your radar today? The ability for brands to ...