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5 Lessons from the Second Second-Screen Debate

Tuesday’s presidential debate – the second in a series of three – was the third most social TV event in history with an estimated 12.24M social media comments, ahead of last year’s Super Bowl and narrowly behind the 2012 Grammy Awards (13.0M) and the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards (12.8M). Contrary to claims that Americans […]


Native Advertising: But It Doesn’t Look Like an Ad

How many times have you seen the headline, “Display advertising is dead?” The truth is, display still works for brands – but not without overcoming some hurdles. Banner blindness remains a big challenge, and privacy concerns on the part of marketers are making it harder for brands to hyper-target an audience and take advantage of […]


Is Foursquare the Latest Dark Horse in the Local Search Race?

Foursquare announced today that it will soon be “reinventing local search for everyone” by putting to work its bevy of data to power the all-new Foursquare Explore. Previously a feature for registered users within the mobile app, Explore is now available for all searchers on This is an interesting move for the company, which […]


UGG Australia Awakens Creative Culture with New Content Strategy

UGG Australia has been a cultural staple for years. With its high-quality, fashion-forward products and a strong creative culture, the brand is committed to adorning those making big things happen out in the world with killer footwear, apparel and accessories. As UGG Australia lives out its mission to foster cultural growth and creativity, naturally, that […]


Apple iOS 6 Release Ups Safari Encrypted Searches by 7 Percent

The most recent Apple iOS 6 update is another source for Google “unknown” natural search terms for those reaching web sites from Google through Safari. In fact, Safari’s share of encrypted searches as jumped from less than 1 percent to nearly 8 percent following the update. Last July, our report  on Measuring the Impact of […]