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360i Report: What Retailers Need to Know About the New Google Shopping

Google recently announced that its Product Search feature will soon transition to a purely paid model, called Google Shopping. Previously, the shopping experience and product feed management service has been a free inclusion service, but by Oct. 1st this year merchants must pay to be listed in Google Shopping. We estimate that anywhere from 5 ...

8 Things We Learned at Last Week’s Startup Outlook Launch Event

Last week, we formally kicked off our Startup Outlook program with a launch event in New York. Commissioned by 360iU, the Startup Outlook’s charter is to help brands better evaluate emerging technologies and platforms. Our first issue of the Startup Outlook report – a series that features five different startups every month – evaluated Immersive ...

With Real-Time Exchange Marketplace, Facebook Unlocks the Gate to its Walled Garden

On the heels of the new study it published with comScore, Facebook announced that it will soon be launching Facebook Exchange, a real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace. For all advertisers, this new model offers an expanded source of inventory to reach a qualified audience – and for direct response marketers, it offers a more sophisticated way ...

New Hashtag Pages Shift Twitter’s Function from Sharing to Discovery

In an effort to expand its reputation as the center of real-time conversation, Twitter has launched a pilot program to reinvent the experience of following an event on the platform. Twitter’s new “hashtag pages,” curated by an editorial team at the company, help evolve its function from sharing to discovery. NASCAR and Turner Sports have ...

Facebook & comScore Release Most Powerful Study Yet that Links Social Activity to Sales

Perhaps the biggest question on marketers’ minds is how their Facebook strategy affects the bottom line. The platform is no doubt a powerful force with its colossal and dedicated base of 900 million users, but few studies have been able to create a conclusive link between engagement with a brand on Facebook and sales – ...