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Saracens Rugby Club Merges Social and Sport in Match Day Experience

This past weekend, the London-based Saracens Rugby Club launched full-stadium WIFI in their newly constructed stadium, Allianz Park. This presented a chance for the table-topping Premiership rugby club to become the first sports club in Europe to encourage real-time user-generated content (UGC) that could contribute positively to the match day experience. Given this opportunity, 360i […]


Twitter Announces Keyword Targeting in Timelines

Today, Twitter announced its newest feature: keyword level targeting within the timeline. Prior to this announcement, marketers could utilize Twitter’s Promoted Tweet product based on interest categories, lookalike targeting and conversations. These clusters were determined by user data, but did not take advantage of the real-time nature of conversations on the platform. With keyword level targeting, marketers can […]


The Art Directors Club and 360i Invite the Industry on a 3-Hour Job Hunt

On Wednesday, May 22, the world’s most legendary creative directors will attend Portfolio Night 11 (PN11). This is the ideal opportunity for promising creatives to meet with industry luminaries that will provide them with valuable, constructive feedback on their portfolios. To promote the event, the organization behind PN11, the Art Directors Club, enlisted 360i to […]


360i Launches Digital Rolodex to Manage 10,000+ Influencer Relationships

As brands are constantly competing for the attention of consumers, they must find a way to enter the conversation in an organic way. One of the ways to achieve this is through partnerships with digital influencers that align with your brand or campaign. These influencers are often enlisted to help spread a brand’s message to […]

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Oscar Mayer Gets Fresh with Scope on April Fools’ Day

When brands play in social, everybody wins. As we’ve seen with Oreo, brand-to-brand interactions can open the flood gates to a realm of dynamic engagement. While still a relatively new concept, real-time marketing has reached a tipping point in recent months. As brands vie to stay relevant in their consumers’ everyday lives, the market has […]