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The Social Content Bible: Part II – Curation

This is Part II in a two-part series about how brands can strengthen relationships through social content. Read Part I — Creation. The need to have great creative, certainly not unique to social media, is a marketing foundation that has been around almost as long as the Old Testament itself. (The Ten Commandments was the ...

The Social Content Bible: Part I – Creation

This is Part I in a two-part series about how brands can strengthen relationships through social content. The decisions that brand marketers make with respect to their social media strategies are complex and challenging. We know that a multi-directional conversation with consumers is a primary objective within digital communities, but there are limited budgets to ...

Foursquare Creates a New Home for Brands with Focus on Content & Community

In Jan. 2010 Intel became the first organization to establish an “official” brand page on Foursquare. Since that time, more than 3,000 organizations have set up pages within the platform – albeit via a somewhat clunky process. Until recently, companies were required to 1) place a media buy within Foursquare or 2) work with the ...

[REPORT] The Growing Role of Ratings, Reviews & Real-Time Consumer Feedback

While ‘social commerce’ is fast becoming a 2011 buzz word, one of the earliest forms of social commerce has actually been around for the better part of a decade: Ratings & Reviews. From movies to food to the service sector to local business to travel, consumer-generated ratings and reviews power the decision-making process within nearly every vertical.

How to Win Followers & Engage People: Must-Know Tips for Community Managers on Twitter

Twitter is as pure a community as you can get. To succeed on the platform, a brand must get personal and specific. That’s because like many social networks, Twitter is all about engagement. Without engagement – without people to amplify your content by joining the conversation – it doesn’t matter how great your messaging is. ...