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Facebook Gifts Launches to Bring Social Gifting to the Mainstream

This week, Facebook announced Facebook Gifts – a new feature that aims to turn social interactions into tangible transactions among friends. The idea is simple: people are already celebrating big moments via social media, so why not give them a chance to append real-life products and services to their greetings? Not so fast. Though people […]

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Dad Bloggers Rise in Prominence

This article was originally published in the WOMMA All Things WOM blog As more dads lead the way down grocery aisles and assume the role of family shopper, the marketing mindset is evolving to meet a more contemporary consumer standard. According to Consumer Reports, 52 percent say they are the primary grocery shoppers of their household and […]


Apple Maps & Local Search — Here’s What Marketers Need to Know

Last week, Apple released its long awaited iOS6, with several new features, the most significant of which is the new Apple Maps. Apple Maps is a native app on iOS6 that replaces the familiar and reliable Google Maps, which has been a cornerstone of Apple’s iPhone and iPad products since its release. Apple Maps marks […]


3 Tips for Developing Your Brand’s Social Tone of Voice

In today’s new media landscape, consumers manage a distributed digital identity – one that changes depending on platform, audience and even interest group. Surprisingly, shifting among these nuanced states isn’t such a feat. It feels natural, even intuitive. But when brands attempt to do the same, the results can feel schizophrenic and confused. These days, […]


Startup Outlook Issue 5 — The Shopping Edition

This month’s Startup Outlook report focuses on the emerging platforms that are changing the way brands and consumers connect both digitally and in-store. Social commerce, mobile commerce, crowdsourcing and SEO all play a part in this transformation, and provide the basis for this month’s featured companies: BloomReach, Quirky, Shopkick, Swirl and Wrapp. [Editor’s Note: To […]