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360i Report on Language Preference Among Digital Hispanics

April 9, 2012

Today we’ve released the second report in our Hispanic POV series, Language Preference among Digital Hispanics.” Following the first report on Hispanic Digital Influencers, this report discusses language preferences among Hispanics in digital, and identifies innovative ways marketers can better tailor their efforts and be more discoverable by online searchers.

US Hispanics are a multifaceted and fragmented group with varying levels of acculturation, ages, psychographics, language proficiency and demos. As such, it’s important to determine exactly what target within the Hispanic audience your brand is looking to connect with and develop a campaign that speaks directly to them.

As growing population with ever increasing purchasing power and influence, Hispanics are searching for products, brands and information online in large numbers. To capture this demand, it’s recommended that marketers optimize their websites for keywords in Spanish and potentially even words that are commonly misspelled in English by Spanish speakers. These same considerations also apply to paid search efforts.

In this report, we provide insights into this growing market and take a deeper look into how to successfully reach Hispanics online.

Download the report.