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360i Report on Mobile Search

June 15, 2010

Search has become the starting point for both consumers and marketers finding their way around the web, and it’s undergoing a rebirth as mobile devices proliferate. Marketers now have more opportunities to meet consumers’ needs exactly when and where their search is conducted. In the second POV of our summer-long mobile series, we take a closer look at the burgeoning opportunities in mobile search.

360i POV: Mobile Search

>>Download 360i’s report on Mobile Search (PDF).

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile search is on the rise. Search engine marketing and optimization continue to matter across mobile devices, and Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are jockeying to serve as the default engines across mobile handsets. Key players are making big moves in the space – signaling even bigger moves on the horizon.
  • Search is evolving with mobile devices in a variety of a ways – for example, queries are typically shorter (no matter how much better mobile keypads get) and more local. Further, Google Android devices feature a built-in search button, and the results pages themselves continue to evolve to showcase more mobile-specific content.
  • Our POV also lists several mobile search best practices, such as grouping mobile campaigns separately, broadening your scope to encompass more high volume keywords and geo-targeting your campaigns.

For marketers looking to reach consumers wherever they are, mobile search is a great starting point. To get the most out of it, marketers should plan holistically, tying mobile search into their broader search marketing programs.

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